Meet the IIU’s Behavioural Science Fellow: Karissa Leduc

Impact Canada
2 min readNov 18, 2022


Karissa Leduc

In what way do you believe the application of behavioural science can effectively support Canada’s communications to the public?

Behavioral science is a tool that highlights the “how” and “why” behind human behavior. Behavioral science can show us how we understand and why we interpret it in different ways. These insights are crucial to effectively deliver clear, transparent, and trustworthy communications to the public.

Based on your skills and past experience, what unique perspectives do you bring to this work?

My previous work in social, educational and developmental psychology provides a nuanced view of communications, particularly on digital media. Specifically, my experience relating to how we perceive, digest and share knowledge with others will be especially useful to develop behavioral insights with the Impact and Innovation Unit and the Communications Community Office.

What unique perspectives do you bring to this work, as someone entering the public service for the first time?

As a scholar and educator, I enter public service with knowledge and experience of research and experimentation, but also of people’s perceptions of the world around them and how those perceptions can impact their behaviors and responses to information. I am eager to apply that knowledge to address the issues important to Canadians and to use behavioral insights to make a difference in their everyday lives.